About Us

The business life we ​​started with the weaving and yarn trade in 2002 continues with the ETROFIL SUPERFINE CARDED YARN factory.

ETROFIL COMPLETE As a integrated facility, the sector produces a new breath, streghgarn knitting and weaving type yarns, which are produced by mixing natural fibers such as cashmere, angora, lamb wool, cotton and silk with artificial fibers such as Viskon and polyamide to contribute to the economy of the country.

The fibers that we use in our production are met by the production of well-known companies that have proven themselves in international and national market quality. The raw materials procured from domestic and abroad are passed through pre-loading quality tests and reports are prepared. The purchasing phase is completed by choosing the raw materials in the structure that can respond to the current quality understanding at the highest level.

With the receipt of 4 OCTIR card machines of Italian brand, yarn production is made between Nm.9-17 in our wool facility established in 2008.

ETROFIL is continuing its investments in order to further advance its position with the yarns produced by addressing to the weaving and knitting market since the day it was established. AR-GE aims to expand its domestic and export market by continuing its AR-GE studies in order to expand its range with high value products.